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    Calico Beef Consulting, based in Las Vegas Nevada, provides consultation on:
  • Livestock Transportation Issues
  • Animal Welfare Projects
  • Technical Manuals
  • Training Sessions (feedlots, trucking companies)
  • Expert Witness Testimony dealing with livestock-related litigation

Tim O'Byrne is an accomplished cattleman, writer and livestock industry consultant. He gained his extensive knowledge of cattle and horses while cowboying in Alberta, British Columbia and Nevada, eventually holding middle management positions on large scale commercial operations in western Canada (Douglas Lake Ranch, Gang Ranch, Van Raay Farms).

When he and his wife Christine started Calico Beef Consulting in 1994 Tim applied this practical background to meet the challenges of today's evolving livestock industry. They have focused much of their consulting work on humane livestock handling and transportation issues. Tim also serves as an expert witness in livestock related litigation.


Christine O'Byrne handles much of the technical and creative media portion of the business, as well as serving as a full partner.

Tim is the Publisher and Editor of Working Ranch Magazine. Visit it online at


Cowboys and Buckaroos - A modern-day definitive guide to help improve your cowboy skills and preserve the time-honored traditions of this North American icon. Explains in great detail the working lifestyle and trade secrets in a way that appeals to everyone.

Third Place Winner in the category of Equine-Related Book in the prestigious American Horse Publications annual awards for 2005

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Legendary Ranches - The Horses, History and Traditions of North America's Great Contemporary Ranches.

by Tim O'Byrne, Guy de Galard, Holly Endersby and Kathy McCraine

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Cowboys and Dog Tales - Caitlin Press 1997 paperback 156 pages - Purchase both of Tim's books online at the following stores:

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"O'Byrne's salty, matter-of-fact account of contemporary ranch life - dog or no dog - is a fine chronicle in it's own right..........and it's an entertaining book."
Western Horseman magazine

"4 star reader's choice rating (out of 4)"
Amazon Online Bookstore

"It's the kind of book that is written in a way that it makes you wish you were there."
Ian Tyson


Special Investigative Reports
Certain sensitive issues may benefit from an unbiased comprehensive report. Tim's many contacts in the livestock industry are invaluable when compiling such a document.

Animal Welfare Projects
Animal Welfare is an important livestock production issue. Calico Beef Consulting has experience in policy making and tech transfer in the beef, pork and equine industries.

Technical Manuals
Technical manuals (training, human resources, company policy) can be developed and written to suit the client's specific needs.

The Range Of Influence Concept
Tim's Range of Influence concept explains the invisible area around each person or animal. The cattle handling and hauling courses include information on how the concept applies to working with livestock.

Expert Witness
Tim is considered an expert witness in cattle, horse, ranch and livestock transportation related litigation.

Special Projects
Calico Beef Consulting is known throughout the cattle industry for its Special Reports and team participation in Special Projects.

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